Digimon Adventure Crest Gems

Welcome to our canon divergent AU where the kids all have soul gems on their bodies that function more like sparks (transformers) than anything else. Not that kind of soul gem.


So what ARE the gems? They're the children's souls! In a beautiful and romantic way, not a bad and angsty one. They are, essentially, a direct line to the emotions of whoever is touching someone's gem.
Anyone can touch one of the chosen children's gems and feel their emotions, but if they don't have a crest of their own it will be a one-sided connection.
When two of the children touch each other's gems with skin, it feels a little like jogress. The feelings are mostly surface-level current thoughts.
They can also align their gems, which is what it is called when two gems are put together and touch. When two of the chosen align, there is deeper mind melding, but they maintain their separate identities.
Jogress pairs, on the other hand, are Soulmates. When they touch each other's gems skin-to-gem, it feels exactly like when they jogress their digimon, and they can work on deepening that connection as well.
When jogress pairs align, they essentially become one being, just like their digimon do. It's profound and beautiful!!
When the chosen children's digimon partners touch their own gems, it basically just feels like they are touching it themselves, because they are - their partners are an extension of themselves. Because of that, when their digimon partners touch a different chosen child's gem, they get the vaguest sense of that other person's feelings and depending on the situation may not ever know its another person's feelings and not their own, possibly intrusive, thoughts.

How and also Why

You remember at the end of Digimon Adventure when the kids all realize their crests are not separate, but inside them and part of them? This AU diverges from that point by having them glow and then their gems appear at that exact moment and then they just have the crests on their physical bodies from that point on in the canon. There are implications and the 02 kids get their gems at different points in the story of Adv 02, but the overall story is the same.

Instead of glowing just on their chests this moment is when the original 8's crest gems appear on their body.

The 02 kids each have slightly different ways of obtaining their gem. First is Ken, who gets his gem in a rather dramatic fashion - when the dark seed embeds itself into his neck his crest grows around it to try and protect him, going black at first before he goes back to his natural pink-purple after he shrugs off the guise of the Digimon Kaiser

Daisuke's crest appears when he goes off to confront Ken and stop the Kaiser's base and destroy its power source on his own.

Miyako's crest of passion (a crest we made for her) appears when Hawkmon evolves into Aquilamon the first time.

Crest of Passion

Iori's crest of justice (another fan-made crest we did for him) appears last, when he confronts BlackWarGreymon in front of the holy stone in the ocean.

Crest of Justice

Where Are They

Each of the Chosen Children have a different placement on their body for their gem! Some of the reasons for where they are are more obvious than others, here's why we picked each one!


Trusting your gut feeling, having a strong stomach, courage comes from the belly. Taichi's crest is of course right on his stomach, above his belly button.


Your friends will always have your back, so Yamato's crest is right on the small of his back. Also known as the tramp stamp area.


Love couldn't really be anywhere but right above the heart, could it? Sora's crest sits between her collarbones, like a Cool Necklace


Purity is all about wearing your heart on your sleeve, and Mimi's crest is prominently on the top of her left wrist.


Left Brain thinking might be bunk scientifically, but that doesn't stop SYMBOLISM. Koushiro's knowledge is on his left temple.


If anyone can carry the weight of the world on his shoulder, it's Good Old Reliable Jou. His crest is on his right shoulder.


Hope is a thing with feathers, and angel wings. Takeru's crest is right between his shoulder blades on his back.


Rather than the entire concept of "Light", Hikari's placement is more about her Voice. How she struggles to voice her needs, how its taken from her, how she finds it again. Her crest is on the front of her throat.


Reaching your hand out in a fit of passion! Leading into a new age! Also she slaps Hikari with it and it's funny. Miyako's crest is on the palm of her right hand.


Daisuke IS the miracle. His gem is right on his chest, exactly at the center of his being.


Ken already has a LOT of significance going on with the nape of his neck. Any kindness also involves sticking your neck out, exposing yourself and one of your most vulnerable parts.


Justice is about keeping a level head, weighing both sides equally. Iori's crest is on his forehead.


Fate and Destiny can mean something that simply Happens to you, but it can also be something you take upon Yourself. Either way, whether you're fulfilling or fighting your fate, you have to take up arms.
Wallace's crest is on his right upper arm

Our Story So Far

The bulk of the changes to canon occur in the beginning of 02, with the digimentals.

Episode one and two have the biggest changes - instead of finding a random cave and then a random temple Taichi is led to one place that has all three of the new chosen's crests etched into it. On top of those carvings sit actual digieggs of V-mon, Hawkmon and Armadimon. When Taichi enters the space the D3s come out of the crests and fly into the real world, and when Daisuke comes to the site V-mon's egg reacts and hatches for him. Then, when the fight starts, Daisuke shows courage by rushing to help Hikari and her twisted ankle, and the digimental comes out of Taichi's crest to be used by him.

Episode two is changed accordingly - instead of finding a random temple, the others return to the original site and this time Hawkmon and Armadimon's eggs activate and hatch when Miyako and Iori enter. Miyako expresses her worry for Daisuke and the digimental of love comes out of Sora's crest, while Iori, prompted by Koushiro, starts questioning the world out loud and the digimental of knowledge comes out of Koushiro's crest.

The rest of the digimental episodes are also changed to accomodate the fact that they aren't objects to FIND but things that HAPPEN when the children express the power of the crest, and they come OUT of the original holder

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Episode 20 and 21 have nearly as much different as episodes 1 and 2, because it is when Daisuke gets his crest AND his digimental of miracles appears out of it. He also helps Ken's crest along as he it freed from the darkness tainting it.

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The Important Part

The Jogress pairs are the canon ships (to a varying degree)!


Daiken are THE OTP, so naturally they are the most important ship in the AU. They're in love, so in love!! Daisuke literally pulls the darkness out of Ken's crest!! They're obsessed with alignment because its so fuckin' romantic!!! To be one being!!!


Miyakari are THE OTP (for girls), they're super duper cute and in LOVE! They glow REALLY REALLY BRIGHT together, as expected of Hikari's crest of light and the BURNING PASSION of Miyako!


Personally, I think they don't actually align until after Our War Game, and they're definitely the most physically horny about it.


They're....here!!!! We consider them platonic soulmates but Takeru did try to be Romo for a bit with Iori even though it didn't work out.


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